Many people will dismiss this message and make the HUGE mistake in saying "I don't have enough time, money or experience". Well guess what... none of that matters! This could be the changing point of your life. Make the time and take action.

This is a fairly long report, but smart people will read every word (You'll see why as you read and watch the videos).

You're here because you truly believe in your heart that you have what it takes to create true freedom in your life... 

But you just need the right program and professional step-by-step guidance to get there...
The Secret to Creating a 5-Figure Monthly Income With ANY Online Business Is Having A Personal Mentor Take You By the Hand and Guide You Each and EVERY Step of the Way, to Help You Understand What Works and What Doesn’t, and to Put the Essential Fundamentals in Place so You Can Get Reliable RESULTS...

Watch this video:

You Don't Need "FLUFF" or "HYPE" from someone who has never actually made it for themselves...
But rock solid knowledge, from someone who is in the trenches, making a hefty 5-figure monthly income, and is teaching others just like YOU how to do the same...

*You can always see our REQUIRED Income Disclaimer at the very bottom of this page.

My Exclusive, Private, Team Training & Resource Site, and this very report, can be yours FREE!! READ ON...
Alan Cosens Pic
From: Albion Derbyshire

Location: Pasadena, CA


Subject: How To Make $10,000+ Per Month Online Using Simple Systems

Hello & Welcome!

You're here because you're looking for a legitimate, realistic and proven way to make a substantial income from home.

Well, you're in luck, because I'm about to teach you how!

I'd like to congratulate you on your decision to get more information!

First off...

The level of training, support, and step-by-step guidance I provide my business partners is unparallelled in this industry.
So I have a lot to talk about. I don't have to fill up this page with hype and empty promises. This is real substance, valuable information that you will be reading, and it has the potential to change your life!

So if you're really SERIOUS about making at least $5,000 per month and eventually $10,000 AND MORE per month or more within the next 90 days, then you need to read this whole letter... period.

It just amazes me how some people say they are really serious about building a large income from their own business and then have "no time" or "no interest" in doing the ONE CRITICAL THING that they need to do in order to make it happen...


Then Take MASSIVE ACTION & Responsibility for your OWN actions or inactions.

If you're just looking for a pretty website that promises instant riches without doing anything, then just leave. Really. People like that are a pain to work with and they end up quitting on themselves anyway.

If you're just a real person and you know that in order to create a substantial income, it takes SYSTEMS, ACTIONS, INVESTMENTS and joining the RIGHT TEAM... then keep on reading. This will be a refreshing experience for you...


YES, you still have to learn to do a few cool things to promote your business—things I will show you in great detail within my team training site. BUT...

NONE of those simple things will involve cold calling or chasing people around like a lunatic, or bugging people about your "opportunity".

Leave all that old school "pitch and chase" sales hack stuff for burned out sales people...

So grab a drink, and let's get started...

The SUPER SECRET to making five figures or more per month is to ONLY promote a program that pays PASSIVE INCOME as your business partners duplicate your simple but powerful efforts. THAT is where the big money is with Internet Home Business Opportunities. And THAT is exactly what is possible AND realistic when you have the proper guidance AND you establish a proper SYSTEM—an intelligently automated system.  

See, the SYSTEM is the MAJOR PART of generating profit and of getting yourself FREE.  A great system—a properly configured system which has already been tested, which has already been proven to work, which is simple to use and which can create dependable resultsis absolutely KEY to YOU creating an online profit machine.

I call it "the Ultimate Online Profit Machine".

My recommended system, which is even simple for "brand-newbies" to set up and use NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS or OFFERS ARE is called "Power Lead System".

... and the name is fitting. 

Let's get into details you'll need to know about our revolutionary system and opportunity...


Our system quickly became what thousands of people have been looking for (and quite honestly what this industry desperately needed)...
A Stellar Compensation Plan At An Unbelievably Low Cost In Comparison to Other Similar Opportunities.
Power Lead System capitalizes on the great demand for a lucrative alternative for people who simply cannot afford to join those high priced business opportunities. So rather than paying $1,000 or even $3,000 or more to join a business, we offer a membership level that ANYONE can afford.
I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating and limiting it is to have quality prospects for your business...just to find out that 99% of them simply can't afford it.

They like you, they like the business, they want to join...

BUT they can't afford it!

With Power Lead System, you don't have that problem. If anyone is serious about building a business of their own to build long-term financial wealth they will absolutely invest the $53 to get started. ($30 for the product and $23.97 for the affiliate reseller fee).

Problem solved...simple as that.

In fact, if someone says they "can't afford to join Power Lead System..." guess what?? You don't want to work with them anyway! If someone is trying to start a legitimate business for less than this, they are financially desperate and shouldn't even consider starting a business in the first place.

The Products:

Power Lead System's products consist of...
Thousands of Dollars worth of Tools and Education that you need in order to effectively expand any business. Power Lead System allows you to easily and quickly build online marketing systems and automated prospect follow-up systems for any business (including yours)!

Review the products in the PDF Report HERE.

You can create stunning lead-capture pages in seconds... fully customizable for any business...
Lead Capture Page Creator:

Choose from pre-designed choices, or design your own from scratch. You can also copy and 'tweak' any page, which means you don't need any technical skills whatsoever. Point, click, and you’re done.

Lead Responder:

Creating and sending emails to your list is "point and click easy". Simply choose a campaign to send from our professionally-written library of high-converting messages (or write your own), then select the group to send it to... and that's it!

Floating Capture Form Creator:

With the Floating Capture Form Creator, you can now capture leads from virtually ANY website on the Internet… replicated websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums, search engines, news sites, and many, many more. This jealously-guarded “secret marketing tool” lets you capture leads and build your mailing list from virtually any website. Now, EVERY website can be your own personal mailing list builder.

Video Postcard Creator:

Experts say that video gets 3X better results than typical email. That's why Video Postcards will keep your prospects engaged with you and your business.

Hangout Page Creator:

Why waste hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year on expensive and confusing online webinar services... when you can host an unlimited number of online meetings using 100% Free Hangouts?

Sales Funnel Duplicator:

This is one of my absolute favorite marketing tools of all time. With no limit but your imagination, you can create incredible looking sales funnels for ANY business, then SHARE that funnel with any person (or company) you choose. A unique “share code” is generated for every funnel you create! 


Now, most opportunities out there sell a product that is some "magic juice" or something else that you're probably not really interested in. You're just looking at the business opportunity and how you can make some money, right??

Well, the products you will have access to as a member of Power Lead System, you can actually put to use to create profit immediately!

Plus, you'll learn about almost every online traffic generation method there is within our private training area, and our exclusive team training and resources site...

...and how to turn that traffic into $$$$.

You'll also have access to anything you'll need to know about:
  • List building
  • Email marketing
  • Ad tracking
  • Social media basics
  • Facebook marketing
  • Sales copy-writing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Craigslist lead-generation
  • Blogging
  • Solo Ads
  • Email swipe copy
  • And the list goes on and on (keep reading)...

You'll also have your own customized websites up and running in less than an hour.

I get excited just writing about this stuff!



(You'll see many more testimonials at the end of this report)

The Compensation Plan:

The traditional 'network marketing' model or 'MLM' is outdated and it would take at least 3 to 5 years of full time work to start seeing any serious residual income.
And that's if you are good...really good!

The Power Lead System compensation plan pays 100% commissions!

Compare that to keeping a tiny 20% or even 10% like you would with most MLM companies.

So, you might be asking, "How does Power Lead System make a profit then?"

Great Question :-)

The creators of the Power Lead System have been in the online business for two decades. In that time, they have seen all the various types of compensation plans out there. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out--once you've looked at the numbers--that there is one type of business model which allows the affiliates (that's you) to make the most money.
When you pay 100% commissions that is the most you can possibly pay out right?
But the company still needs to be able to pay for web hosting, support, admin, utilities and all those other expenses that any business needs to cover...
They accomplish this by accepting a small Affiliate Reseller Fee which is only paid by Affiliates.

And no matter how many sales you make, no matter how many customers you have, no matter how many online systems you create using your Power Lead System, your Affiliate reseller fee is always the same $23.97. It's a tiny amount in comparison to the excellent management, service, outstanding web-hosting and always-on-time commission payments that get sent every week like clock-work.  I don't even notice it personally.

This makes sure that the company is totally viable and is able to service your needs and can continue to develop and improve upon the products while at the same time giving you what you want... the most commission possible.
Using an affiliate reseller fee is a well-established and very common method of making sure that a company will remain viable, and many of the most successful companies in our industry do this same thing.

The usual problem is however, that many companies out there charge an affiliate reseller fee even though they only pay out a much smaller percentage of commission.

NO ONE pays better than Power Lead System... period.
It's a perfect win-win scenario.
No need to work your tail off for 3+ years.

Make 100% commissions and BIG PASSIVE RECURRING INCOME as quickly as you can refer someone to the same system!

Let's take a closer look at the Compensation Plan...

Can You Make Insane Amounts Of Money?!

 Weekly pay! PLS pays every Wednesday directly to an EWallet that they set up for you. From there you can either withdraw to your bank account, or to your own prepaid Visa card. It's super-easy, it really is.

 Compounding income via the infinite roll-up system.

 100% net pay with incredible products.

 Residual income by getting paid $20 every month from all members on your pay-line, and 50% matching bonus for ALL your referrals, whether they roll-up or not (that means you make 50% of what your referrals make each week).

Did you catch that last bullet-point?
Recurring income. That's the key.

No more do you have to work and work and work each month just to start all over again.

How do you think that company's like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company's that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.

Power Lead System realized this years ago and they have set the PLS system up for YOU to capitalize on it. They made it available for the masses.

Imagine getting 20 members a month added to your pay-line. That's $400 this month.

Then get 20 the second month. That's $400 right? WRONG! That's $800 this month (Don't forget about the first month).

Then build some more...

Get 20 more during the third month. That's $800 right? Ah Ha! I can't trick you. Now you are getting it. It's $1200! And your business continues to grow!

Keep in mind this is just an illustrative example and does not include any Matching Bonuses or any sales being rolled-up to you, or OVERRIDES!

Watch This Video To Discover Our Unique and REVOLUTIONARY Comp Plan:



See for yourself how your income can grow:
Check Out This Detailed Spreadsheet

*You can always see our REQUIRED Income Disclaimer at the very bottom of this page.

Say everyone only gets 4 people their first week, and let's look at what could happen as those free trials start converting into paid customers…

Week 1:

You get your 4, 2 roll up to your referrer.

You keep 2. So 2 X $20 =  $40

Week 2:

Your 2 get their 4.

2 each are rolled-up to you, adding 4 more to your pay-line.

That’s 4 X $20 = $80

Plus $40 from the first week, for a total of $120.

Week 3:

Those 4 get their 4.

2 each are rolled-up to you, adding 8 more to your pay-line.

That’s 8 X $20 = $160

Plus the $120 you’ve already earned, for a total of $280.

Week 4:

Your 8 get their 4.

2 each roll up to you, adding 16 more to your pay-line.

That’s 16 X $20 = $320

Plus the $280 you’ve already earned, for a total of $600.

Week 5:

Your 16 get their 4.

2 each roll up to you, adding 32 more to your pay-line.

That’s 32 X $20 = $640

Plus the $600 you’ve already earned, for a total of $1240.

Week 6:

Your 32 get their 4.

2 for each are rolled-up to you, adding 64 more to your pay-line.

That’s 64 X $20 = $1,280

Plus the $1,240 you’ve already earned, for a total of $2,520.00.

Week 7:

Those 64 get their 4, adding 128 more to your pay-line.

128 X $20 = $2,560

Plus the $2,520.00 you’ve already earned, for a total of $5080.00.

Week 8:

Those 128 get their 4, adding 256 more to your pay-line.

256 X $20 = $5,120

Plus the $5,080.00 you’ve already earned, for a total of $10,200.00.

Week 9:

Those 256 get their 4, adding another 512 to your pay-line.

512 X $20 = $10,240.00.

Plus the $10,200.00 you’ve already earned, for a total of $20,440.00.

Week 10:

Your 512 get their 4, adding another 1024 to your pay-line.

1024 X $20 = $20,480.00.

Plus… the $20440.00 you’ve already earned, for a total of $40,920.00!

That does not include ANY recurring monthly commissions.

That does not include ANY up-sells to our other products which generate $100 and $400 commissions.

That does not include ANY of the many $6.00 commissions you would earn on the $7 Funnel sales.

And that does not include ANY MATCHING BONUSES!


Just imagine getting to work and staying committed and building up a team pay-line of, say, 100 people...

What if they each averaged just $500 for their monthly pay-line commissions?

That's (100 customers X $500) X 50% = $25,000!

That $25,000 would be your 50% Matching Bonus just for ONE month! Understand, that is only your Matching Bonus. That does not include any of the figures we went through on our weekly example above! That does not include any commission from your pay-line, your commission on upgrades or your overrides!
*You can always see our REQUIRED Income Disclaimer at the very bottom of this page.

Not bad for a $53 investment, right?! The income potential is staggering!

Obviously this spreadsheet and the examples above are perfect world scenarios and incomes will vary with the time and effort of every member but what if you did even 10% of that? It could change your life!

The above sample is if everyone brought in 4 people their first week and no more. What if you sponsored more than 4 people? Many people bring in dozens, even hundreds of people. WOW!!!

What Could You Accomplish in Just 10 Weeks?

It's the power of 100% NET commission payouts.

How Do You Get Paid?
Your payments are made directly to you through a simple E-wallet every Wednesday morning.

Once your E-wallet is loaded you can withdraw your commissions directly to your bank account or load it on to your own prepaid Visa, just as you would do with a PayPal account. When I request the transfer of my commission on Wednesday it hit my bank account by Friday.

The company sets up your E-wallet for you the first week that you have commissions due to be paid. It's a "snap"!

So what exactly do you get for $53 besides an incredible product/proven system along with my personal guidance to earn $10,000+/month?
  • Full Extensive Marketing Training Center
  • Live PLS  Webinars to Bring Your Prospects to
  • 3 Live Training Webinars Each Week
  • Prewritten Classified Ads, Articles, Emails, Press Releases, Banners, etc. to help you jump start your marketing campaigns
  • Results Tracking System and Contact Mgmt System
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Email Auto-Responder and Broadcast System - No need to hire a 3rd-party autoresponder service
  • Access to our Exclusive Team Training and Resources Site (Just keep reading. I'll explain more about that and your amazing BONUSES below)?
See some of our core products, visit THIS PAGE.

(You'll get your own personalized version of that page as well)

Quite A Deal, Isn't It?

Of Course It Is! In Fact, This Is The Best Opportunity I've Ever Seen In The Industry. Out Of Thousands Of Opportunities, I Chose This One Because It Stood Out Like A Shining Star In So Many Ways...

Seems Like They Provide Everything You Would Need To Create Resounding Succeed With POWER LEAD SYSTEM ...RIGHT??
Well... almost.

I cannot stand hearing people say that all you need to do is join their business and they will give you everything you need to succeed. I Can't Stand Hearing That!!
And if I'm 100% straight-up honest with you I'd have to say that Power Lead System does provide you almost everything you'll need. But there is one important thing missing, and it's the same thing that will be missing no matter what company you join...
When you join a business opportunity, you will be instructed to market your affiliate link. Well guess what...

That's what every single affiliate does. So when you have a bunch of affiliates marketing the same exact website...



You haven't differentiated yourself from the competition. Although Power Lead System is the most lucrative business opportunity I've seen, if you market the company-provided replicated website, you're not giving your prospects ANY reason to join you specifically. You are simply a replicated website, and for all they know, there isn't even a real person behind the site you're working so hard to promote.
Do you think Power Lead System provided me with this site (hint, hint)?  Nope. But I did build this site using my own Power Lead System. Nice eh?
You'll need a way to set yourself apart from your competitors... something "special" that shows your prospects that you are the one they want to sponsor them onto our team.

That's Why We Created...


The #1 Rated, Exclusive, Team Training and Resources Site!
Complete With All Of The Tools, Training, and Video Tutorials Detailing Exact Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Grow Your Wealth Systematically With Power Lead System!

I found that the majority of people that fail online do so because of only a few reasons. They either simply don't get to work at all, or they don't know how to get web traffic to their offers, or they aren't getting CONVERSIONS (sales and signups).

Obviously, I can't help someone who is totally unwilling to get to work. "You can't fix lazy", right?

So, there are really two pieces to the puzzle here:


If one piece is missing, YOU WILL FAIL! (sorry to be blunt but you need the truth and I'm here to tell you how it is)

Without traffic, no one will see your sites, which obviously leads to not closing any sales.

Without conversions, you could have all the traffic in the world, but none of that traffic will turn into a sale.
Here's what you need to know about this:

Getting Traffic is Easy.

Yes, that's right. Traffic is the easy part, especially today. Heck, you can just buy traffic. Plus, within my Team Resources Site you'll learn how to get tons of traffic for free if you have to. We even have a killer team traffic co-op...
Getting CONVERSIONS is the tough part.
(Or at least, it was... ) See, we've got that down to a science. There is one crucial element to getting those conversions. That is, you'll need to:
Stand Out From Your Competitors.
In order to do that, you need a  professionally crafted marketing system in place to funnel your traffic through. This marketing system CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be the default, company-provided, replicated website because it doesn't give your prospects any reason to join YOU.
Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that the default sales funnel that the company provides does not work at all. I'm not saying that. It does work. But by making a few key changes... changes that are simple to make... your conversion rate will be much, much greater, making you far more money and putting you head and shoulders above others who are marketing the default company sales funnel.
And here's the "secret" to making it really simple and easy for yourself...

Yes, you need to separate yourself from your competition, HOWEVER you don't need a LOT of resources to do that. It doesn't have to be complicated or complex. In fact, I'm going to help you do just that.

And once you get set up exactly as I'm going to show you, you will literally be able to DOMINATE your competition.

But there's a problem...
Most people don't have the skills to set up their own marketing system and drive highly targeted traffic to their system.
But I do...
I have ALLLL you'll ever need just sitting there waiting for you within My Exclusive Power Lead System Training And Resource Site...

All the resources you need to be able to set yourself apart so that you can get all the sales and signups you need.
Not only will I show you How You Can Create Your OWN Customizable Marketing System along with Extensive Training on how to drive MASSIVE amounts of highly targeted traffic through your own marketing system...
I have already created the resources for you to use to do so, so you can plug in and start using them right away and start getting results, with almost no set-up work at all!
For example, one of the first resources you want to use is this very Success Report that you're reading now. You'll have your own personalized version that you can use to offer to your own prospects.
That's right, I've done all the work, and you get to totally "cheat" and "jack" my resources... the same exact resources that I use to build my business (as you can see at this very moment, because you're reading it aren't you? That's how you know it works!).
And did you see this report HERE? You'll also have you own personalized version of that report, which is all set up with your affiliate sign-up links.
Do you see how much time and work I've saved you already?

Both Power Lead System and I have gone to great lengths to see to it that you experience success. I did all of the hard work for you so that you can get your cash generating machine up and running in no time.
Do you recall earlier in this report where we went over the compensation plan? Do you recall that 50% Matching Bonus? Did you feel the power of that? And do you now see why it is my best interest to make sure that you make the most money possible?
The More YOU Earn, the More I Earn!
It's very simple my friend... whatever your pay-line commission are each week... I get paid half that amount! And you have the same situation. Just imagine having just 20 or 30 productive people that you've referred. Even if each one of them only makes $500 per week, that is:
($500 X 30)/2=$7500 just in Matching Bonuses!
Do you see why I have gone to all the trouble to make sure that you have all the training and resources you need in order to make it happen with our Power Lead System team once and for all?

Inside our Team Resources Site You'll Learn...
  • How to drive massive amounts of high quality traffic to your website.?
  • How to convert that traffic into high quality prospects.
  • How to convert those prospects into sales.
  • How to train these new people to use the same system to duplicate and create exponential growth in their business.
  • How to quickly plug in to the resources that I've already created for you to use so that you can start getting results as fast as possible.
And by plugging into our EXCLUSIVE POWER LEAD SYSTEM TEAM TRAINING and RESOURCES Site, You'll be able to create SIGNIFICANT cash flow with almost complete automation and leverage.

And best of all...
Interested Prospects Chase Us To Join!
Imagine waking up to 5, 10, 25, or eventually 50 new qualified prospects each and every day... hot and eager to join your Power Lead System business.
All you do is answer a few phone calls (only if you want to) or return a few emails from your prospects just to get their final questions answered before they sign up with you... but NEVER calling or emailing them first. And absolutely NEVER EVER convincing or talking anyone in to anything. Just nice, casual friendly conversations. It really is a process of just making new friends and it's fun!

And then...

Imagine checking your bank account at the end of the month to see there's been well over $10,000 deposited during that month just from Power Lead System.

Then, all of a sudden you realize that you're on track to make a 6-FIGURE ANNUAL INCOME just having fun...despite this global recession!

Sound too good to be true???
Well I can tell you, that is exactly what our team experiences each and EVERY month with our business...and the same goes for many of my teammates that use my team resources.

But it hasn't always been this easy...
I wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to marketing things that just didn't work...

Wasted thousands of dollars buying the wrong kind of leads...which NEVER work!

I tried just about anything you could imagine.

I went through miserable failures, continuous rejection, humiliation, embarrassment and downright PAIN.

But I believed in myself and promised myself I would absolutely NEVER give up no matter what.

Just like anything else in life that creates long-term substantial success, I paid my dues BIG time!

Some thought I was crazy but my persistence finally paid off.

It felt like the time would never come, but I finally cracked the code and learned the mechanics of creating such a powerful and automated system that attracts prospects to me, eager to join ME in my business.
And now you can skip right over that long and painful learning curve I went through and experience the same results my team members and I are in a matter of weeks... just by using our Power Lead System Team Resources.
Of course you'll have to put in some time and effort to set up, grow and automate your business, but...
Starting your business with the proper key elements in place will cut years off your learning curve and make the difference between success and failure.
Doesn't this sound simple?
That's another SECRET KEY!




Most people make things way too complicated, which leads to inaction.
There are so many people who tell me everyday that they're team does not provide any support, no training, no ad copy, no resources at all... and they're just stuck. And they want me to help.
And because I would never try to "steal" anyone away from their current sponsor or team, I have to tell them "No, sorry...you're screwed." Haha not those exact words but ya know.

Don't get stuck like that.
Join our team!


Here's what I provide:

A TEAM SYSTEM that automates the entire process of differentiating yourself from the competition... establishing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

And leading your prospects through your own customizable marketing system that gives your prospects compelling and even irresistible reasons to join YOU in your new business...
Giving you all the step-by-step guidance you need to grow your business as fast as you can handle it. This includes detailed training on how to drive TONS of traffic through your marketing system, such as pay-per-click, SEO, video marketing, article marketing, ezine marketing, traffic exchanges, blogging, email marketing, and the list goes on and on...

Here's just a taste of what you get as a member of our Exclusive PLS Team Resources Site...
  • You'll get your own custom copy of this very Success Report that you can use to offer to your prospects and to follow up with them. The links within your Success Report will link to your PLS affiliate link.  Value $199
  • You'll get your own pre-written auto responder email series that will give your prospects compelling reasons to join YOU and you ONLY.  Value $199
  • You'll get access to our Team Advertising Co-Op and Link Rotator. If you choose to use our co-op you'll be able to just order clicks, then sit back and watch the traffic come in.  Value $799
  • You'll get access to my "No BS Solo Ads Training", where you'll learn the important things that you'll need to know in order to successfully run solo ads to build your email list. I also include a large list of Solo Ad vendors, so save you many hours of research time, and I include a specific list of solo ad vendors that you should NOT do business with (for various reasons).  Value $99
  • You'll have access to my "Killer Conversion Course", where you'll learn the most simple keys to creating conversions. You'll know how to take a new visitor and turn them into a subscriber; turn a subscriber into a sale or signup; turn that signup into an up-sell... and all explained in a way that the average person can understand and apply without being a sales expert.  Value $99
  • You'll have access to my "Advanced Perpetual List-Building Training", where you'll learn how I continually build my email list, without losing money doing so.  
    Value $99
  • You'll have access to my advanced "Hyper Engagement Sales Funnel Conversions Training", giving you insights into how to get the absolute most revenue from your email list, using simple tactics that almost nobody uses, giving you an "unfair advantage".  Value $99
  • You'll have access to our Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and network with other members of our team for support and masterminds.  Value $99
  • You'll have access to full training on using Wordpress. If you have any interest in blogging or doing SEO to get free traffic to your sites, this Wordpress Domination training, composed of 44 separate video trainings, will make you an absolute master of using a Wordpress blog.  Value $99
  • Plus real business building mentoring... any time you have a question you can simply email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, to make sure that you always have the advice you need to keep you moving in the right direction.  Value $999
  • Regular Live Training Webinars on how to use our Power Lead System, as well a business-building strategies and LiveCasts that you can invite your prospects to... you can let us close them for you on the livecasts. We currently have 3 live trainings and 1 live opportunity overview webcast each week.  Value $999
  • You'll have access to Social Media Basics, which will show you all the fundamentals of using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to promote your business.  Value $99
  • You'll get the Email Profits Master Class, where you can become an expert in email marketing. You'll be surprised at just how simple it is to master this essential skill. After all, the money comes from your email list. You should know how to use email to market don't you think?  Value $99
  • You'll get access to the YouTube Mastery Video Academy. In the first 10 modules you’ll learn literally everything about YouTube, from setting up a new YouTube account to how to customize your channel, to uploading videos, optimizing your channel and videos, using your competitors to gain an advantage, using your YouTube videos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, etc., getting your video onto Page 1 of the Search, and getting it to the top… and so much more. If there is something to know about YouTube, it’s in there! Even if you are a totally “dummy”, it starts right from ZERO. In the next 6 modules, once you’ve learned all the basics and functionality of YouTube, you’ll learn how to start taking advantage of YouTube to drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads and boost your revenue. If you want to be an absolute Master of YouTube, this is where you do that.  Value $297
  • You'll have access to Offers That Crush, an eye-opening lesson from 2 industry masters on how to craft offers that your prospects simply cannot say "no" to.  Value $99
  • You'll get access to Dirt Cheap Traffic, a masterclass where you'll learn some dirt-cheap ways of flooding your sites with visitors.  Value $99
  • You'll get access to Undercover List-Building, where you'll learn some of the best, most workable strategies for building your email marketing list, your most important asset in your business.  Value $99
  • You'll get access to Facebook Ad Power, where you'll learn how to start using Facebook as a place to get hyper-targeted traffic and leads for your offers. FB allows you to target your audience like no other advertising platform. You'll get the keys in this training.  Value $99
  • You'll get access to Psychic Sales Design, an advanced training on all the various aspects of your websites that you can tweak in order to improve your sales conversions. Would you believe that just changing the font on your page makes a big difference in your sales conversion numbers? That is just one of many, many insider "secrets" that you'll learn in this very special BONUS.  Value $99
  • You'll get access to a simple Exit Pop-Up Code. You know how when you go to leave a webpage it sometimes shows you a pop-up and redirects you to another page? Just using an exit pop-up can get you up to 10% more subscribers on any ad campaign. You’ll learn how to create an effective exit pop-up on any of your Power Lead System pages.  Value $24
  • You'll get access to our giant Web Banner Library. Tons of effective banners that you use on your websites, in your emails and in your advertising. Sure you can pay a designer to build them at $5 each, or can just take advantage of our done-for- you banner resources.  Value $299
  • You'll get access to "How To Beg, Borrow & Buy Traffic". This is an incredible training session, showing you how to get started getting traffic even if you don't know what you're doing and you have no ad budget. Incredible resource.  Value $97
  • I'm also going to give you access to 4 very special excerpts from 4 different webinars that I did with 4 industry leaders, where they each showed what they do to generate leads for their own businesses: "80 Leads Per Day From Craigslist", "20 to 30 Free Leads Per Day From YouTube", "20 Free Leads Per Day From Facebook" and "List-Leverage, List-Building Tips From a #1 Top-Producer". I kid you not, by just taking the information on just ONE of these webinar excerpts you could build a HUGE business for yourself. This is "gold", absolute "gold".  Value $399

(There's more, but why belabor the point right?)

Look at the value of each component of our Power Lead System Team Training and Resources above...

That's A Real-World Value of Over:
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Not A Single Penny!

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Why Free? What's the catch?

No catch! This is all free because I want EVERYONE on my team to have access to the absolute BEST step-by-step guidance, tools, and mentoring regardless of the size of their budget. This level of support is really what creates more success and prosperity for EVERYONE on the team...which could be YOU!

And remember, the more money you make, the more I make. And the more money your people make, the more you make.
So it makes sense to help and support each other as much as possible doesn't it?
The last thing I want to see is someone struggling to figure everything out on their own because they don't have enough money to get the expert tools and guidance they need to succeed.
Your Success Truly Matters To Me. Why? Because I live my life by one simple principle:
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar


You have 5 days only to join my Power Lead System team as a "Gold" member or above if you want to take advantage of this "insane" team resources and bonuses offer.

After that 5 days, all these team resources and bonuses will be gone.

See, there is no point in giving you any more time than that. I have found over the years that people who are chronic procrastinators tend to not be the types of people who take action to create success for themselves.

The fact is, I'm not here to "bribe" you into becoming part of the greatest team in the world. I'm here to find the best people in the world, and to create a situation where those great people simply cannot justify going any other direction but with our team.

So you've got 5 full days—from the time that you entered your email to request this Insider Success Report—to fully review the report and the Power Lead System opportunity.

And if you can't make a decision that you can commit to within that time I probably shouldn't be working with you anyway. I honestly am not trying to be rude, but that is the fact. "Money loves speed." "Procrastination loves keeping-you-broke."

After that 5 days has elapsed, sure you can still join Power Lead System, but you will be doing so without all the additional training, resources and bonuses I just showed you.
This lets me know who is serious and ready to take action and ready to make a permanent change in their financial life. And for those of you who are serious and who are ready to make it happen once and for all...

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When you join my Power Lead System Team, I am also going to allow you to offer my training site (that took me months to create) to your prospects so that you can have the same MASSIVE VALUE to offer to them as I am offering to you right now.
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When I created our exclusive PLS Team Training and Resource site, it was intended as a team resource—as a tool that is there not only to educate and empower out team members, but as a tool which can be offered as a benefit for joining our team—a benefit to your prospects for joining you.

Do you recall earlier when I was talking about setting yourself apart from all the other affiliates in your niche?
Just look at the massive value our resources bring to the table.

And you'll be able to offer all that value to your prospects... so much value that they just can't say "no". How could they? I mean, "Jeez"! 
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... I didn't think so.
Most will offer only a tiny fraction of what you've seen here (if they offer anything at all). And they usually provide this support only for those that pay good money or join an opportunity that costs $3,000 or more!

Some think I'm crazy for doing this, but you will have access to EVERYTHING mentioned above by joining Power Lead System for Only $30 (+ the $23.97 affiliate fee)!
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I saw a tremendous opportunity in building this business and helping other motivated entrepreneurs by sharing and providing all the PROVEN Marketing KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS so that they would EXPERIENCE what it's TRULY like to enjoy a COMPLETELY FUN and prosperous Business!
The fact that you can have access to EVERYTHING you've read above for FREE just for joining my Power Lead System Team is an opportunity of a lifetime.
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I will show you EXACTLY how to use these SIMPLE, and PROVEN systems to make your income grow on autopilot with Power Lead System.

It's up to you to take advantage of this opportunity if you're ready for it.

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If you can't see the $53 ($30 for PLS + $23.97 affiliate fee) start-up cost for your Power Lead System business as an investment by following our step-by-step guidance, then this is not for you.

If you want to start making money without any initial investment, then by all means, stick with a dreadfully boring 9-5 job (it sure was boring for me anyways).
I’m not looking to work with anyone who is backed in a corner and desperate to create financial freedom.
That’s not how financial freedom works. You have to be in a position in your life where your mentality is aligned to create financial freedom.
Owning your own business is about financial freedom and takes an entirely different mindset...
Unlike a job, it's not about how many hours you work...it's about producing the results that lead to true success. THAT is what we will teach you to do...

“Wealth Is Not An Event Which Happens To You. It Is A Skill... You Acquire The Ability To Create Wealth.”

This is really for ALL people who have the burning desire to succeed deep inside of them, and are at a time in their life when they can really focus on doing it.
If that’s you, then here is my challengeDON’T procrastinate.

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You Can Absolutely Do It!
Join my team today to get started with this life-changing program right now.

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1) Review The Power Lead System Business Directly...
Check out the Power Lead System site by clicking the link below. Make sure to review the ENTIRE program so you can fully understand how this business works.
2) Contact Me If You Have Questions
After you have reviewed the Power Lead System business, create a list of questions and then...

Just Click Here to message me on FB.
Or email me...
Email: Click for Email Address

Let's make one thing VERY clear...
I WILL NOT PUSH YOU OR PRESSURE YOU with some lame sales pitch to get you to sign up with Power Lead system. I have no need to do that.
You and I must both confidently agree that you would be a positive addition to the team. When people get pressured into something, it only creates future headaches and people who whine, complain and quit anyway.
I only answer your questions honestly and I may say things you don't want to hear like:
"John (or Jane), THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU...."

Everyone Says They Want To Deal With Someone Who Is "Up-Front"...
So don't worry. You can ask your questions and you'll get straightforward answers.
Remember, we're looking for BUSINESS PARTNERS... NOT EMPLOYEES.
See, I'm dead serious about your success. And I'm dead serious about choosing to work only with people that are mentally ready to follow simple instructions and a simple system.
Are you ready to make serious money online from... anywhere?
Are you ready to learn how to turn the internet and your computer into your own personal ATM machine?
Your Next Simple Step:

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Whether we do business together or not, I hope you find all the success that you desire. (But I'd rather we did it together)
: )

To Your Success,

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Albion Derbyshire

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P.S. Is the information that I have been sharing with you really resonating? Do you feel that it makes a heck of a lot of sense? I think we both know it does. Your new Power Lead System business along with the full access to our team site, resources, and training is truly going to change your life. I hope you're ready for it...
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Regular People, Just Like You Are Making It Happen...
Now it's your turn!

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